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I'm going to do my second longest fandom second. That seems like a good idea to me. Sailor Moon was my first anime that I got into the fandom for. I remember when fanfiction.net had like 12 max anime on their list. Sailor Moon was one of them and I was obsessed with it from the very start. So without further ado my shipping preferences in Sailor Moon.


Usagi/Mamoru: My number 1 het anime ship of all time. I'm super picky when it comes to U/M fics so don't expect many of them. I love how they were done in canon too much to be bothered with fics most of the time. I do love fanart though. They are like my ideal relationship. They have excellent communication (more so in the manga which I generally prefer) and they love and respect each other so much. Also I kind of love how often Usagi has to save Mamoru's butt. It's fun. Mamoru is such a dork and super sweet he's a great counterpart for Usagi.

Helios/Chibi-Usa: Yes, I actually like them together. I think they are cute. Neither of them are my favorite character and I kind of hate how they were done in the 90's anime to be honest. They do seem a lot like Usagi/Mamoru 2.0 and that's not a bad thing in my opinion. Their relationship is I think a little different though simply because neither of them is a copy of Usagi or Mamoru. In canon their love is a little puppy-ish mostly because Chibi Usa is still quite young.

Nephrite/Naru: OMG they were one of the best things about the 90's classic anime. I loved Nephrite's redemption story and how much he cared for Naru. It was such a sad end for them too. Totally heartbreaking that I need fics to fix it up for me.


Haruka/Michiru (Uranus/Neptune): My first canon lesbian ship how can I not love it. Also Michiru is my favorite senshi so of course I'm interested in her main relationship. I find their relationship to be the most mature and nuanced of all the ships in Sailor Moon. They love each other so much but their duty comes first. They have some of the most beautiful moments in the 90's anime and the manga. I can't help but love it. I prefer their 90's relationship over the manga version, but I do love the Outer Senshi as a family idea that was explored more in the manga.

Minako/Rei (Venus/Mars): I fell in love with this ship when I read the Stars Manga. I loved their closeness and I loved all the pics of them close together and their short manga chapter. Then the live action Sailor Moon happened and I went from casual fan to full on shipper. They are probably my most talked about ship in the fandom. I will read anything and everything I can get my hands on. I love their interactions and their relationship so much I could sit here for days talking about it.

Hotaru/Chibi-Usa: They are best friends, I love best friend shipping, so of course this is on my radar. Also their interactions in the third season can often feel a bit shippy especially from Hotaru's end. There are so many little hints in the manga as well. I can't help but love this ship. (I also like Helios/Chibi Usa/Hotaru but that's rarely written well if at all)

Aluminum Siren/Lead Crow: This is totally from the Stars anime. Their interactions are so fun but also layered. They are the villains and they should hate each other but they love each other. Lead Crow continuously tries to help Siren out so that she won't be killed. She's so visibly upset when she is that I couldn't help but start shipping them. Also since their end was tragic I need fics to fix it.


Kunzite/Zoisite: I was always fascinated with them but especially when I found out they were a gay couple. I love the idea of villains being in love and in a relationship. I think it adds a lot of layers. Plus they are both gorgeous so I love any fanart of them that I can find.

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