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Here is a list of the Harry Potter Ships that I typically read and will therefore typically make fic/fanart recs for and perhaps even write fanfics for in the future. I also added a little blurb on why I like them. I'm doing this mostly because it's a lot of fun and I enjoy making lists. I figured I start with Harry Potter since HP was my first fandom and it is my eternal fandom. I'm never leaving. There is always something to talk about and do in the HP fandom. I'm hoping that Fantastic Beasts will be amazing and keep HP alive even longer (aka until I die of old age).

Note that I only listed the ones I've spent a significant amount of time looking up fics and fanart. There are other ships I like but these are the one's I'm most likely to post about.


James/Lily: One of the things I loved about this ship when I got into was that we didn't know much about them. I was mainly involved in this ship between Book 3 and 5. I particularly loved long fic depicting how they met and fell in love. I lost interest when I felt the fics became samey with the Snape/Lily/James love triangle. However, I do tend to read J/L stuff during October since that's usually Jily Month. They are still one of OTPs forever so expect a fic/fanart rec at some point in October.

Harry/Ginny: I loved the idea of these two since Book 2. Admittedly, at first it was because of Harry being Ginny's savior in book 2 and her having a crush on him. However, as the books went on I began to really like Ginny and felt that she was a good match for Harry. She had her own experience with Voldemort and she was one of the few people who could really calm him down. She seemed to understand him better than anyone in book 5. I wasn't exactly thrilled with how JK Rowling did them in book 6 but I still enjoyed it to some extent. I'll admit I prefer fic versions of H/G over most canon interactions though (don't get me started on the movie). I'm sporadically interested in this ship so whenever I'm feeling it I'll post recs.

Ron/Hermione: This is my hot and cold ship. I sometimes really like it and sometimes really hate it. It depends on how I'm feeling. It's hard for me to explain to be honest. Usually, I like this ship when it's the B ship to a H/G ship, but I actually kind of prefer other ships. I love R/H fanart though.

Neville/Luna: My first OTP that wasn't canon in the books. I just love both Neville and Luna. They are two of my favorite characters. If I had to pick between this and R/H becoming canon N/L should have been canon all the way. I think a lot of people feel it's pair the spares type deal but for me it's because I think they really fit well together. They are opposites but they have similar experiences of being the outcast and ridiculed by their peers. Plus they are just cute okay.

Bill/Fleur: Should it come as any surprise that I love Fleur (look at my username). I really love how Fleur dealt with the Weasleys and showed her love for Bill throughout the sixth book. She loved him so much that she was willing to deal with his family's issues with her. Bill I think really loves her and didn't let his mother and sister's complaints color his opinion of his future wife. I think the moment they became my OTP was when Fleur told Mrs. Weasley that no matter what Bill looked like she would still love him no matter what. Love it.

Lucius/Narcissa: Ah the Malfoys. They are despicable people but I can't help but love and admire how much they love and admire each other. There is just something about them that I can't help but love so much. They protect each other and their son. In fact, everything they do is to protect each other. They stick by each other and are loyal to one another. Narcissa in particular is tested by her sister on this. I love them.

Arthur/Molly: I love Arthur and Molly's relationship. Granted we see them once they've gotten through many of their bumps, but I love how they are still passionate about each other. Come on, they had seven kids they had a lot of fun in the bedroom. They are so sweet and I love the nickname Mollywobbles. It's adorable.

Fred/Hermione: This one is a surprise for me. I didn't really understand it until I read a really good fic and found out JK Rowling had thought about putting together. The more I thought about it the more fun the idea sounded. I'm mainly here for fics. I've found some really good ones. I will probably do some recs for them.

Draco/Ginny: This is just pure crack. I think most people prefer Draco/Hermione but I see them clashing too much to really be enjoyable. I think this ship came out of me enjoying Tom Riddle/Ginny than realizing how fucked up it was and then deciding to go with Draco/Ginny so that the power imbalance wasn't so skeevy. (I was 13 when I shipped Tom/Ginny I can't believe myself either) Anyway, I like it because it's enemy shipping without too much power imbalance. Truthfully, Ginny will kick Draco's ass. It's kind of my go to Slytherin/Gryffindor ship.

Harry/Hermione: I see them as best friends but occasionally a fic or fanart will be so good that I can't help but enjoy it. So I'm putting here because it's quite possible I'll rec something in the future.


Dean/Seamus: This is my slash OTP for Harry Potter. I came into this ship relatively late, in the 7th book when Dean and Seamus had their hug. Then I had to go and reread all of their interactions and I couldn't help but begin to ship them. To be honest, I'm not surprised, I usually love best friend shipping and D/S meets that requirement no problem.

Dumbledore/Grindelwald: At first I wasn't really that interested but again I read a good fic and I was suddenly interested. I thinking their working relationship is incredibly interesting and the nuances that go into their relationship are fun to explore. I'm less interested in the sex part to be honest because Dumbledore is too much like a grandfather figure for me for me to want to read him doing it lol. I'm slightly kidding.

James/Sirius: I'm surprised that I love this ship as much as you are whoever is reading this. You'd think I'd be interested in Sirius/Remus but I'm not at all. Instead I really do feel like Sirius was in love with James. I tend to prefer this ship stay in unrequited territory or become an OT3 situation (James/Lily/Sirius).

Ron/Harry: Sometimes I just really want to like this ship so I go out and read a few fics. I love best friend ships. So whenever I can't get my Dean/Seamus fix from rereading everything out there I'll go to the next best thing Ron/Harry. Plus I love their interactions with each other whether it's platonic or not.

Draco/Harry: I don't really ship them, but I love their fanart so I'm putting here because every once in awhile I will go and look at fanart of them.

Albus Severus/Scorpius: Crack ship that I love. I think I like it because it fulfills the feels I get from Draco/Harry fanart without my aversion to the D/H ship. I am also willing to read James Sirius/Scorpius too but I prefer Albus Severus.


Luna/Ginny: This one is just crack for me. Mostly I like it because Ginny and Luna seem to have a really good friendship. Ginny is one of the few people to acknowledge Luna and doesn't treat her like a freak. She'll even chastise people for their disparaging comments about Luna. So it's kind of another best friend shipping deal for me.


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