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Here are the webcomics I'm currently reading.

LGBT Comics

Light Romantic
This one is a m/m comic.

This one is a m/m comic.
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I'm going to do my second longest fandom second. That seems like a good idea to me. Sailor Moon was my first anime that I got into the fandom for. I remember when fanfiction.net had like 12 max anime on their list. Sailor Moon was one of them and I was obsessed with it from the very start. So without further ado my shipping preferences in Sailor Moon.

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Here is a list of the Harry Potter Ships that I typically read and will therefore typically make fic/fanart recs for and perhaps even write fanfics for in the future. I also added a little blurb on why I like them. I'm doing this mostly because it's a lot of fun and I enjoy making lists. I figured I start with Harry Potter since HP was my first fandom and it is my eternal fandom. I'm never leaving. There is always something to talk about and do in the HP fandom. I'm hoping that Fantastic Beasts will be amazing and keep HP alive even longer (aka until I die of old age).

Note that I only listed the ones I've spent a significant amount of time looking up fics and fanart. There are other ships I like but these are the one's I'm most likely to post about.

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This is my first time being on Dreamwidth in a long time. I kind of decided to rejoin on a whim so hopefully I'll make new friends/join new communities here soon. I'm mostly here because I need a website for my longer entries and a site where I can organize my thoughts better than Tumblr. Also maybe I'm hoping that journal sites will become popular again. I'm also back on LJ but the site is practically dead and it's actually pretty different.

I still don't know how much I'll post here but we shall see.


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